I am addicted to spending fifteen minutes online 5 times a day on escort’s websites


People enjoys different types of happiness and fulfillment. In every endeavor that they partake in their lives it seems to be their own kind of satisfaction and desire. All they wanted in their lives is to give the ultimate satisfaction that he/she deserves. Going into such kind of experience is all up to a person’s greatest desire and decision. A man who deeply devotes her life with what it needs will then realize the value of life. But there were those people who surpass the given limitations of life. They over take the chances and fun that it brings that is addiction came out into an open field. Addiction could be seen in every self-endeavor in which you take so much of what you needed and causes trouble with regards to your behavior, decision making, and being a person. But addiction is in different levels base on how a person entertain its effect to life. At this point we will talk about addiction in another form.

As what I have experience for this past few days I found myself so hooked up with escorts websites. My kind of work demands for an ample time to spend with but despite of that given situation I make it sure that I will put 15 minutes of my vacant time spending on checking escorts websites. As what I had observed this happens for about 5 times a day. I always make it to the point that during those break moments, instead of relaxing my body and mind from hectic schedules of meetings and deadlines to cope up with I found it more relaxing when I check on escort’s website. There is a very big difference when it comes to my decision making and energy level. Once I got the chance to see the website my kind of energy increases so well in fact I never found myself getting tired instead I found it so much of inspiration and determination. Does this kind of situation normal and nothing wrong with my behavior? This is the question that has been playing around my brain for about a week. The intensity of its effect to me as I look into it seems to get so higher in each and every day. That is why I look for a specialist to help me understand what’s going on me.

As I have seen and talk with a psychologist I have found out that I am on my stage 1 of addiction with escort’s website. She then ask series of questions and know some relevant information which could help me fully understand the addiction that I have in myself now. As I listen to her and upon knowing the fact about what’s lucking in my life it made me realize that all of this came out after I had my separation with my girlfriend. I never noticed it due to my busy schedule and because I choose to deny the pain of heartbreak in me so that is why my kind of releasing such pain turns to escort website addiction. My kind of situation for now is not that so bad at all but as the time will pass by there will be a bigger chances that my addiction towards escorts website will not only about 15 minutes of my break time. It even became worst that I can’t even perform so well with my work for I have to get to check the escorts for the rest of my day. So before I became such like a fool for it I made up my mind to undergo therapy and part of that therapy is to embrace the pain of my separation. I should give myself to mourn from pain so that my body will then function normally it will not be in a denial stage wherein I have all the tendency of traversing my attention to other things which could lead me to wrong path and direction.

As I have known the reality of life, you should then entertain the things that will happen into your life. Escaping a certain chapter in life will cause you harm and trouble. You have to face the pain and embrace for a moment and that’s the time you move on, let go and continue the beauty and magic of living.